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What’s a “Patent Troll”? One definition of a patent troll is an organization that owns a patent which it intends to use for the sole purpose of suing someone else. A patent troll typically does not market or manufacture the product that the patent covers. The FTC calls them “patent assertion entities” or PAEs, and recently released a 309-page report on patents available here

Why would you care? Well, according to articles in Ars Technica, a patent troll recently has been sending letters out to small businesses of between 10-100 employees demanding that they pay a licensing fee per employee for using the scan-to-email function on their multifunction printer because of patents owned by MPHJ Technology. You can read more details of this story in

Personally, I found the promoted comment from Dinglehoser (who says he is a patent attorney) on page 2 at the bottom of this article enlightening. His comment talks about AIA, the America Invents Act, and how it could affect patent trolls. According to, AIA is supposed to make patent litigation faster and more cost-effective.